World Masters Association
Creating One World through Arts & Culture
Greetings of Honorary President
Greetings of Honorary President
KIM MIN CHAON Honorary President of the World Masters Association(Corp)
Congratulations on the newly formed website of the World Masters Association(Corp), and thank you for visiting here.
  • Chairman of the World Masters Committee
  • Founder of the Korea Masters Association
  • Honorary President of the World Masters Association
  • Party Leader of the K-Wave21 Party
  • Chairman of the My Nature Sound Therapy Research Society
‘Creating One World through Arts and Culture’
It is the vision that was set in 2004 when I have begun supporting cultural art activities and planning for the future with like-minded executives.
he efforts of our team and association members to maintain and expand their heritages under such difficult circumstances have enabled us to engage in a variety of activities for nearly 20 years.

The World Masters Association was established as a corporation under the division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea in 2007, since then it has been engaged in international cultural exchange activities, and as of 2022, it has been joined by 353 world masters from 77 countries worldwide.

The World Master refers to a title given to "a cultural artist/artisan who is admired and represents the culture of their country“

The processing of recommendations and selection of the World Masters is coordinated by the World Masters Committee.
The job of the World Masters Committee to present the honor to admired artists/artisans from all around the world who have inherited and expanded their cultures is recommended by the loyal support of the Foreign Embassies in the Republic of Korea.
The World Masters Association(Corp) provides an environment that enhances the cultural exchange activities for the World Masters who have been honored by the World Masters Committee. Also, we support and encourage their efforts and activities that correspond with our vision under the proposition of the expansion of world culture.

The World Masters Association(Corp) confederates with the World Masters Committee and the Korea Masters Association(Corp).

The World Masters Committee is a non-profit international cultural organization that initiates a solid international diplomatic relationship and cultural network with Foreign Embassies in Korea. And the Korea Masters Association(Corp) operates in the processing of Korean Masters to expand the character of the cultural powerhouse by discovering honoring and supporting the hidden jewel of Korean artists/artisans.

These three organizations collaborate structurally and continuously working together to actualize the vision of ‘Creating One World through Arts & Culture.

There is a [Korean Peninsula Project] that was envisioned and proposed in 2007.

The [Korean Peninsula Project] contains a plan to prepare for peace, the prosperity of mankind, and the future of the world by building a world culture and art city that participated by the entire world in the Demilitarized Zone(DMZ) on the Korean Peninsula. The efforts to publicize and actualize the project have been continued by building infrastructure through domestic and international cultural activities with Foreign Embassies in the Republic of Korea.

I believe that the united power of the World Culture and World Peace led by the World Masters Association(Corp) and the limitless energy of the World Masters, as a representative of their own countries also expand their cultural art territory with artisans/artists' pride and dignity will become a driving force to move forward through Culture! to the World! toward the Future!, and it will become a guiding light to the actualization of the [Korean Peninsula Project].

World Masters!
Like an artwork finished after a long haul gives the impression and hope, that once we prepare for the future together while enduring harsh conditions, the vision will reach out to us a big step closer to reality.

Let's move forward together through Culture! to the World! toward the Future!

Thank you very much.