World Masters Association
Creating One World through Arts & Culture
Greetings of President
To everyone who is visiting the website of the World Masters Association(Corp) and dear members of world masters, Welcome.
The World Masters Association(Corp) was founded in 2006 with the purpose of establishing ‘Creating One World through Arts & Culture’ and now it has grown into an international cultural organization that is joined by 353 world masters from 77 countries worldwide.

The World Master refers to an admired cultural and artistic person who lives up as a representative of their own country and has inherited and expanded his/her culture in their own countries worldwide. In addition, arts and culture are the lifestyles and intellectual activities of human groups, such as politics, economics law and institutions, literature and art, morality, religion and ethnicity. Thus, culture is the foundation of life, the energy source to understand and harmonize with one another, and the driving force to rise above the past into the future.

Living in the 21st century global age, the current global citizens are experiencing a world uniting as one world by arts and culture. The K-culture that extends into the world, the craze of the Korean Wave, the World Heritage Site where mankind keeps the cultural dissipation of each country together, and the cultural level of the people of the world who recognize different cultures and traditions as their true values are creating a great global fence that is no longer divide side of you and me, but for us.

The World Masters Association(Corp) will cooperate with Confederated organizations the World Masters Committee and Korea Masters Association(Corp) to continue to lead the way in the era of uniting as one through culture and communicating through culture together.

Please, join us to ‘Creating One World through Arts and Culture’

Thank you very much
Kim Eun SilPresident of the World Masters Association(Corp)