World Masters Association
Creating One World through Arts & Culture
About the World Masters Association(Corp)
The World Masters Association was licensed in 2007 as a non-profit corporation under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and it is registered and operates as a designated endorsement organization of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Non-profit Corporation No. 547

Minister of Economy and Finance Designated Endowment Group No. 2020-27

The World Masters Association(Corp) established a global network of world masters and operates cultural activities to actualize the vision of 'Creating One World through Arts and Culture.’
  • About World Masters It is a symbolic name for admired cultural artists/artisans who expended and represent their own countries' traditional cultures.
  • Steps to becoming a World Masters The World Masters Committee, a non-profit international cultural organization cooperates with foreign embassies in Korea they are recommended and selected by their governments worldwide.
  • Affiliation & Activities The world masters who have been selected by the World Masters Committee will be registered as a member of the World Masters Association (Corp) and begin the cultural exchange activities with global world masters.
    And they will be invited to organize and involve in various domestic/international events with the World Masters Committee and the Korean Masters Association(Corp).
  • International Cultural Network

    Sponsoring the management of the World Masters and cultural activities of foreign embassies and governments in Korea

    Currently, built network system with 90 foreign embassies in Korea, the Ministry of Culture, and the cultural representatives of each country

    Members of the World Masters Association(Corp) – 353 World Masters from 77 countries worldwide (as of January 2022)

    Members and Sponsoring countries of the World Masters Association(Corp) - 90 Countries

  • Non-profit International Cultural Organization
  • Various activities to create one world through arts and culture, and actualize world peace and harmony.
  • Setting the goal of holding the World Cultural Olympics for world peace and harmony and establishing the World Cultural Art Village
  • Hosting and organizing various cultural activities such as the World Masters Festival, Embassies Day in Seoul, and the Appreciation Banquet for International Cultural Exchange
  • Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Non-profit Corporation No. 2014-27
  • Supporting the selection of Korean Masters and cultural activities, 516 members Retention in 516 Sectors (as of 2022. 01)
  • Minister of Economy and Finance Designated Endowment Group No. 2012-70